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The Innovation Network from Waiblingen

Various individual companies from the three areas of industrial solutions, health solutions and energy solutions operate under the umbrella of the wings group.

Every company of the wings group shares the same goal: to create real value for customers with innovative products and first-class services.


Design & engineering, sheet metal processing, electronic housing construction, process engineering and more. Under the brands merath and nValid, customers receive versatile solutions for industrial challenges.

Industry Solutions

Health & Lifestyle

The brand Astro Sport is known for high-end fitness equipment. Plaudertisch ist an innovative group exercise device for physical, mental and social training especially for the care sector. Wellness and health products made from agarwood complete the range.

Health and Lifestyle Solutions

Finger zweigt auf ein rotes Herz mit weiß abgebildetem EGK-Diagramm vor hellgrauem Hintergrund


In the energy sector, the wings group is involved in the construction and operation of a solar power plant in Southeast Asia as well as the development and financing of energy and infrastructure projects.

Energy Solutions

Rote Plasmakugel mit blauen Blitzen von der Mitte an den Rand vor schwarzem Hintergrund

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