Fresh and dried treats with special atmosphere

Vicotto Foods GmbH is the newest member of the wings group from Waiblingen. Vicotto Foods trades fruits, vegetables and herbs that are transported and stored under a protective controlled atmosphere. In addition, the company will operate drying centers on site in the growing regions and sell dried foods.

Vicotto Foods’ fruits, vegetables and herbs are grown and harvested by selected partners. Special containers are used for storage and transport, in which the composition of the air from oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide as well as the temperature can be adjusted. In this controlled atmosphere, the food stays fresh longer than with simple refrigeration and does not dry out. Careful drying without additives is also possible in a drying container.

The technology for the containers is proviced by GEAP GmbH. Erol Drevici Kux is the company’s managing director and alongside Florian Winger (managing director of the wings group) co-founder of the new Vicotto Foods GmbH.

The industrial division of the wings group develops and manufactures further containers for the construction of entire drying centers. The aim is to produce dry products directly on site in order to avoid crop losses for the farmers. “The goal is an environmentally friendly and sustainable operation of the centers. Containers with fold-out solar cells including batteries will provide regenerative energy. Wastewater is treated for reuse in another container, ”explains Florian Winger.

A complete drying center should consist of around 20 containers and will be completely mobile. Since the harvest of many fruits is seasonal, the containers can be transported from one growing region to another in just a few days.

Vicotto Foods is starting immediately with the distribution of fresh pineapples from a farmer’s cooperative in Ghana. The first drying center will also be built there in mid-2022. Another drying center in Turkey is already being planned.

About the wings group

wings group is a group of companies based in Waiblingen Germany, which was founded in 2018. The subsidiaries of the wings group are active in the three business areas of industry, health and lifestyle as well as energy solutions.

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